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Intertecnica Ltd is in a position to offer its services for the provision of Turnkey Solutions for Turnkey Projects. The Company  applies its expertise in this field to bring together and coordinate  the various commercial, industrial, infrastructural entities as well as   specialist personnel and related financial assets from different parts of the world.

This is possible as a result of the Company's  previous experiences in this field, supported by the Company's unqualified data base of suppliers, international construction companies each specialized in its own field,  design engineers  and qualified personnel in various fields. Included also are  some of the best legal brains & Associates for cross border contract drafting and conclusion,  bankers and financial specialists from different countries, all with their own areas of expertise.

Typical projects in which the Company has been so engaged would be the building of a new Airport in Belgorod - Russia and  a new Sugar Producing Plant in Tambov also in Russia;  a  new City Center for Gabes Regional Authority in Tunisia and the rehabilitation of an ex military underground Fuel Tank-Farm  for commercial use in Ukraine amongst others. 

We can provide sources and co-ordination

Intertecnica Ltd  in a position to source  contractors specialized in the relative fields, being construction, civil engineering works , road building, manufacturing plants and refineries and to coordinate the technical, financial  and legal activities that are usually  associated with such projects.

We can work on projects worldwide

The company has been engaged in similar activities related to the setting up of a Sugar Producing Plant in Tambov - Russia, new Civil Airport in Belgorod - Russia, new City Center in Gabes - Tunisia,  Sugar Producing Plant in Libya amongst  others.

Belgorod Airport Russia


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