International Trading has been the mainstay activity of  Intertecnica Ltd from its early days.  It started back in 1978 as leading supplier of spare parts and various types of equipment to the Maltese Government, the Armed Forces and the local Shipyards.

Eventually the company moved to the International Markets. Its first major area of interest was  the North African region especially Libya where for more than 25 years the company was continuously  supplying to the Libyan Government and its various semi  Government  Authorities all sorts of spare parts, machinery and equipment to such entities as the General Electric Corporation (GECOL), the Civil Aviation & Airport Authority,  Agricultural Ministry, Maritime Academy,  Port & Harbor Authority, Defence and Security Services amongst so many others.

Intertecnica Ltd has also been suppliers to such renowned international organisations as the  International Civil Aviation Authority (I.C.A;O.) in Canada responsible for worldwide airports.


As a result of this Trading Activity over so many years, the Company  has been able to build up a supply data base of unparalelled proportions in relation to Commodities,  Equipment and Tools, Petroleum, Energy, Industrial and Infrastructural Projects and helped by present day electronic access facilities,  it is presently in a position to source and supply and advise on practically any requirement from any part of the world.

The company is also  in a position to trade in all types of COMMODITIES, PLANT & EQUIPMENT, ENERGY PRODUCTS including CRUDE OIL and related FUELS, METALS  and PHARMACEUTICALS and provide practically all related services. 


Trading is the mainstay company's activity

Intertecnica Ltd has the ability to trade in a diversified line of products and can proceed to act as the main contracting party,  as brokers or as mandated intermediary when appropriate.

Our purchases are direct from source

​All purchases are direct from source except where parallel

trading necessitates  that we purchase the products, be it equipment, machinery or pharmaceuticals, from Trading Companies specializing in the product field  in question. When direct to source we purchase at competitive prices and when we buy under parallel trading we buy from countries where prices are bound to be  cheaper. In this way we can always be competitive.