Intertecnica Ltd is in a position to offer its consulting service with regards to Project Finance. Every project needs funding and every funding requirement needs a thorough study. Most project ideas founder on the question of funding, and funding in most cases fail either because the Business Plan is  not carried out professionally or because the Project promoters assume funding to be available without the necessity to conduct such studies.

Commissioning a Professional Business Plan and related Financial Projections is an expensive exercise. Overall cost is related to the size and dimension of the proposed project but both studies are indispensable  if the project is to be put forward to the Banking sector and other Financial Institutions for their consideration.

Intertecnica Ltd has access to some of the best legal, auditing and survey firms to be found on the international market which can be engaged to provide a comprehensive approach to the common problem of enticing the right sources of funds for the project proposed.

The  company in fact offers a holistic approach  to the problem of financing a project. It is in a position to source the right organizations that can design, build  and commission  the project on the technical side;  the  right institutions to build up a Business Plan  and provide the necessary Feasibility Studies and Financial Modules and the  right sources of Finance for the eventual project funding.

This is possible as a result of  the company's exhaustive data base and its contacts built over the years which provide a wealth of experience for providing these services.

We have access to the best international financial & funding sources

Raising finance for project funding is an expensive business. It costs money  to raise money. The study phase will need to engage professionals to prepare Business Plans and Feasibility Studies to establish the parameters  for the required finance. It is only then that one can approach  the right funding iinstitutions. We engage the best brains in this field.

Project Finance goes beyond banking

There are many avenues for financing a project. Banks form  only one of them. What type of finance suits  a  project depends on various factors amongst them being :  the nature of the project, if the project is private or public, availability of  Project Proposer's  own contribution and the expected payback time and terms,  not to mention the availability of  adequate guarantees that  may also be required. We can advise on all this in consultation with the best international brains on the subject.