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New or Used Plant. We offer advise and provide solutions

Once approached our company will sit down with the interested client company. An informative study is jointly carried out as to what are the exact requirements and the reasons for them. Next step is for our company to provide a set of possible alternatives as platform for more detailed evaluation and eventual conclusion.

The need for Business Plan and Finance

When large industrial or commercial plants are involved there need to be a Business Plan drawn up by competent people. This is indispensable especially if financing is to be sought. These studies cost money and the client needs to be in a position to provide startup capital to cover these expenses. Intertecnica Ltd is in a position to engage highly competent professionals who can provide these services on an international level.



INDUSTRIAL  Sugar-Plant  Cement-Plant 

POWER GENERATION Power-Plants working on Fuel,  Gas,  Biomass,  Wood Solar & Wind 

EQUIPMENT GENERAL   Trucks   Cranes  Trailers   Generators   Construction  Marine Aviation  Agricultural , both  Used & New 

USED PLANT   Crude Oil Refinery & Other

MARINE   Tankers   Accommodation- Barges   Floating-Docks   Dredgers

AVIATION Aircraft Passenger Planes & Private  Executive Jets / others such as Single -Seat Vertical-Landing Aircraft &  Helicopters both civil & military

SPARE PARTS  All Types : Mechanical Agricultural  Marine   Electrical   Electronic  I.T. Equipment   

Plant & Equipment may be purchased as New or in Used Form. There are always reasons for making such a choice, which reasons need to be well analysed to permit an enlightened decision. A wrong decision to buy a Used Plant or equipment of whatever nature, as alternative to going for new,   can be a costly exercise. On the other hand on many occasions used plants and equipment are known to have provided cost effective solutions to innumerable commercial and industrial requirements over a number of years.

Intertecnica Ltd  has been engaged in various projects of this nature. The requests for specific plant or equipment requirement/s usually come direct from  sources already known to us in the various countries we operate in or being related thereto..


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