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We can practically supply all types.

Our company can practically source all types of pharmaceuticals through its vast network of wholesalers, parallel trading companies and direct manufacturers worldwide.

We deal in volume orders and with  licensed parties.

We are only interested in volume orders since margins need to be low to remain competitive. Logistics for shipping must remain competitive since freight on low volume orders is very expensive due to the nature of the products involved and transport regulations that  must be met.

BRANDED PRODUCTS   Branded pharma-ceuticals are Drugs marketed with specific Brand Names by companies that develop, manufacture and eventually patent them to gain market protection. When patents run out, generic versions of many of these  popular drugs are marketed at lower cost by other companies.

PARALLEL TRADING  'Parallel Trading permits products to be imported into one Member State from another and placed on the market in the destination Member State, outside the manufacturer's or its licensed distributor's formal channels.  Significantly different price levels for similar products between countries or regions create  an incentive for traders to buy products from where they are priced lower and sell them in the market where they can fetch a higher price.

GENERICS  These are the generic version of Branded Drugs having same medicinal constituents.



Pharmaceutical Supply is the  type of business that knows no borders because these products are an everyday necessity worldwide, however their supply or distribution is much restricted due to a number of regulatory legislations in most countries, local economic factors not to mention suppliers' strict control of their product sales as to destinations.

The above factors have resulted in a fragmented market which is made up of Branded Products from major established suppliers, Generics which usually act as replacement medicine at a much lower price, & OTC products which would not require prescription for dispensing to buyers.

This type of situation has caused Parallel Trading to flourish to the extent that this activity is not only accepted but also protected by E.U. legislation.

Intertecnica Ltd  can practically supply any product or products in terms of type requested. We work exclusively under Parallel Trading through licensed associates in various countries. 

We deal only in volume orders and in most cases we request  minimum order values to engage our interest.


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