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Intertecnica Ltd is in a position to offer CONSULTING SERVICES of a Commercial, Industrial and Financial nature through its portfolio of international specialist advisers and specialized  companies built over the years and others that can be sourced as required, based on previous experiences.

The Company can provide Advice, Consultancy & Brokerage services for industrial, commercial and energy projects including related finance where appropriate. The Company has been engaged in various such activities over the years in different countries including Russia, Tunisia, Libya, Ukraine and Georgia covering  multi-million dollar projects such as rehabilitation of crude oil refineries, electricity substations,  building of new airport, 12,000mt/day sugar producing plant, building of a new City Center, and  rehabilitation of an ex-military underground fuel Tank-Farm for commercial use amongst others.

Intertecnica Ltd has at its disposal the services of international companies all highly competent in their respective fields such as civil engineering,  energy, communication, industrial design & setup, electronics and IT, These entities hail from as far away as Brazil, U.S.A, China and the Far East, not to mention others  closer to our shores from the European regions. In most cases these would be  companies with which Intertecnica Ltd already had standing relations built  over the years plus others that could be sourced internationally in relation to whatever type of project is in hand. 

Consultancy goes beyond advice

We organize  the Project Briefs, draw up Business Plans, Feasibility Studies,  Financial Projections, Surveys and site visits as required.  We fly to any country to meet any of the involved parties as required.

How it works

Introduction is usually through references from established international contacts the company enjoys in various fields and positions. Once preliminaries are discussed, then the interested party will issue  a formal letter confirming our company's engagement.  Same letter will need to include an invitation for our company officials to visit their offices for detailed discussions on what is exactly being proposed and to establish protocols on how best to proceed.





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