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One source for all your needs

Whether you are an Electrical Corporation or a Civil Engineering  / Construction Company or a Civil Aviation Authority we can be your one source for any or all  of your procurements.

Our strength lies in our knowledge

Based on the company's experiencs over the years our strength lies in our knowledge of the market both primary and secondary. We can supply original branded products or their alternative equivalents.

FOOD & DRINK  Juices   Soft-Drinks  Mineral-Water Wines  Cooking-Oils Olive-Oil 

INGOTS   Antimony-Ingots   Zinc-Ingots   Lead-Ingots

MARINE  Passenger-Ships  Tankers Barges  Drilling-Ships  Floating-Docks  Marine-Paint
ORES   Pig- Iron-Ore   Lead-Ore  Zinc-Ore   Chrome-Ore  Copper-Ore  Manganese-Ore   Bauxite
 SCRAP   HMS 1-2  Various Grades  Rails Cast-Iron Stainless-Steel End-of-Life- Vehicles Radiators Copper Batteries Tyres Aluminium Electronics    Waste-Paper
CHEMICALS  Styrene  Phosphoric-Acid Industrial-Chemicals   Oilfield-Chemicals

OTHER  Photocopy-Paper Plastic-Bottles Passenger/Private - Aircraft   Bags-For-All-Uses  Steel-Drums   Batteries   Gypsum   Pipes &Tubes   Copper-Cathodes   Copper-Concentrate  

LAW & ORDER  Communication-Equipment   Fire-Arms  Fire-Engines   Anti-Riot-Shields Crowd-Control-Equipment  Barriers  

AGRICULTURE  Rice  Animal-Feeds    Wheat Flour Banana Maize Coffee  Fertilizers : Urea DAP, MAP DCP  Phosphate  Sulfur


CONSTRUCTION   Cement   Clinker  Wood   Construction-Steel  Bitumen   Aluminium-  Fixtures    Marble


Intertecnica Ltd's Head Office is in Malta from where all its Trading and its other operations are carried out. The company is registered under Maltese Law and Maltese Jurisdiction.





Malta is an Island country right in the  centre of the  Mediterranean Sea just south of the tip of Italy and North of the the coast of Libya.


It is a Republic with its own President and a democratically elected Parliament  and today it forms part of the European Union (E.U.).

Malta is well served by most international airlines with direct flights to all the surrounding countries.


It is highly industrialized and has a strong and well trained work force, strong economy and politically very stable.


The country also boasts to have one of the best and well managed Financial Offshore/ Onshore Legislation with many professional banking and financial institutions working in this field, both local and foreign. 

Doing business from Malta  also gives  one the advantage of direct entry to the E.U. market  with all its advantages.


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