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Intertecnica ltd. is a well established International Trading & Consulting company with worldwide experience built over the last 38 years. It operates on an international basis as evidenced by the number of countries visited by its Executives over the years. The company also enjoys special knowledge on some of the countries  mentioned such as Libya  (where the company spent over 20 years operating in that market), also Tunisia , Russia  and the CIS countries where it was also involved in various projects for procurement and supplies, consultancy and services for over 10 years.


The company's international client list includes amongst others, established Trading Houses related to different Commodities including Fuels and Crude Oil ,  Public Utility Corporations,  Government Ministries and Agencies, Private Corporations & Contractors and  Industrial and Commercial Organizations in various forms.


Intertecnica Ltd has been coordinating its various international activities from its Head Office in Malta in coordination with associate offices in Central Europe, Russia, United States, Turkey and Libya amongst others.

The experiences gained over this 38 year period of continuous  business activity in the international markets combined with the extensive traveling by its Executives have enabled the company to build a very comprehensive data base of commercial/industrial and financial resources as well as an extensive network of personal connections worldwide,  which network  is second to none, and this is why the company can trade and work with you successfully with confidence in whichever country you may be.

Worldwide experience built over 38 years

Founded by Mr. Frank Camilleri its present Chairman & CEO Intertecnica Ltd  diversified into various fields of activities worldwide. More details :

Comprehensive data base & wealth of contacts

From London to Tripoli to Moscow and several other capitals the resulting visits enabled the company to establish a comprehensive data  base  and contacts at all levels second to none.



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